Skolera’s Webinar: A Deep Dive into Skolera’s New Release

On September 21st, Skolera held a live webinar in which Skolera’s founders talked about exciting updates and features in Skolera’s new release. This stems from our constant urge to present schools with a learner-centred platform that suits the entire school staff as well. 

Dr Khadija El-Bedweihy, Skolera’s Founder & CEO, and Mr Wael Khattab, Skolera’s Co-Founder & CPO, announced the new “Photo Gallery” module that will allow school teachers to post photos and videos and then share them with the students and parents in the simplest way possible. This module will be especially useful for early year teachers. 

Skolera September webinar

Our latest updates have also reached the quizzes module with a new “comprehension” question that will definitely aid teachers’ assessment of students.

The webinar has seen a high rate of attendance with great interaction from the attendees. The attendees thanked the speakers for Skolera’s monthly virtual webinars that greatly benefit education professionals. 

At the end of the webinar, the speakers took the time to respond to questions from the attendees and were promised to receive certificates for participation. You can find a recording of the live webinar here. 

It should be noted that Skolera holds special monthly webinars. You can register for our newsletter to follow up on each new webinar that will be held in the future.

You can also watch all of Skolera’s previous webinars on our YouTube channel.

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