Skolera 2022 Recap – Top Highlights of the Year

The end of the year is always a time of reflection for people who like to look back at the year and think of their achievements, milestones and successes. Not to brag, but we can proudly say that we managed to check all the boxes on our New Year’s Resolution! This is not to say it was not difficult or challenging by any means; no success comes easily. But the Skolera team has always believed in the motto “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” by Dr Mae Jemison. We kept sharing our success with you since we started, and this year is no different. Let’s rewind to the year 2022 and admire Skolera’s biggest achievements! Here’s a Skolera 2022 recap!

Skolera 2022 achievements

1. Exciting new partnerships 

We were able to expand our list of clients on a global scale. This was reflected in the increasing partnerships with schools and academic institutions worldwide. 

  • Qatar’s Sudanese Community Schools

Qatar’s Sudanese Community Schools have always acknowledged the impact of education technology on their students’ education. The school’s philosophy is based on establishing a positive learning environment through collaboration among everyone in the school. The school managers are also committed to shaping students to become successful and productive adults in the future.

Skolera was thrilled to be a part of this prestigious institution as well as the Sudanese ICT Professional Association in Qatar, which equally prioritizes the huge influence of digital solutions in education. 

skolera 2022 achievements Qatar Sudanese community

  • Ankara Group for Education Services

In 2022, we successfully announced a strategic partnership with Ankara Group (one of the top leading institutions in educational services in Turkey since 2017.) We also managed to authorize Ankara group as the exclusive distributor of Skolera in Turkey. Our authorized distributor is located in Ankara, Istanbul, Mersin and Gaziantep. 

school LMS Ankara group

  • Helsinki Semi International School

Our Skolera 2022 recap cannot be complete without mentioning Helsinki Semi International School. Helsinki Semi International School promised its students the best digital solutions in 2022. The school management wanted to build the best academic environment using technology to both simplify day-to-day work and place the students on the first step to becoming responsible, skilled adults.

They chose Skolera’s solutions to accomplish their goals and ensure a seamless and efficient teaching experience for the school staff.

Skolera 2022 achievements Helsinki school

  • PraxiLabs integration with Skolera’s School Management System 

In 2022, we decided it was time for a groundbreaking integration! Starting this year, the Skolera team decided to integrate their solutions with PraxiLabs, the best solution for science lab simulation. Now, the schools that use Skolera’s School Management System (SMS) can enjoy the best features of PraxiLabs’ simulations and experiments.

PraxiLabs provides students with efficient, user-friendly 3D lab simulations and also allows them to perform their science experiments at any time and from anywhere without exposing them to the risks of the real lab.

Skolera LMS 2022 reviews PraxiLabs integration

2. More fruitful webinars and workshops

You all know we love hosting webinars and this year was no exception. Here’s a list of our 4 successful webinars of 2022, which included 5000 registrants from 18 countries worldwide! You can access the recordings of each one for free.


  • Real Users Success Stories How International and Language Schools Management Use Skolera Effectively?


  • Online Training Workshop: From Beginner to Pro: How to Build a Question bank and Auto-Grading Assessments


  • “Go Paperless! Save Your Resources and Digitize All Your School Processes with Skolera.”


  • Training: How you can fully use a Learning Management System (LMS) with a step-by-step

We were also proud to be selected among the list of the top 50 startups by HolonIQ. This selection was carried out on 1500 startups in the field of educational technology in the middle east region.

HolonIQ is a Global Impact Intelligence company that is dedicated to supporting institutions using “advanced research technology, deep human expertise and a global network.”

Best school LMS in 2022 HolonIQ

This year, teachers in schools and universities around the world performed their lessons and sessions through more than 40,000 zoom meetings in over 20 million minutes.

Teachers and educators had the opportunity to give more than 90,000 assignments and 60,000 quizzes. The total number of users on the Skolera platform reached more than 300,000 users! This year witnessed massive success for Skolera’s platform. Talk about having a lucky streak these past few years! 

Skolera 2022 abstract


3. Immense success on social media 

This year, Skolera shared more than 170 articles and press releases on its monthly blog, more than 60 videos and over 600 posts on social media! What’s even better is the attention we kept receiving from followers around the world; we’ve had over 7 million post views and people reached out to us over 5 million times!

School LMS

To be completely honest, 2022 was an exceptional year for us! It is safe to say we made big achievements and we’re sure there will be more to come. We’re eternally grateful for our clients and followers who made everything possible! As usual, we promise to not stop there but keep making efforts to achieve our goals and not let you down! We’re excited about 2023! Are you? 

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Skolera 2022 recap: Best school LMS in 2022

Skolera’s solution, an award-winning LMS, is designed to facilitate integration between its Learning Management System (LMS) platform, its School Management System (SMS), and Virtual Labs, e.g., Praxilabs. The ultimate goal of this integration is to make it easier for the school staff to effectively manage all school operations. A great addition to that is the ability to integrate add-ons and extensions.

Skolera aims to drive education forward by providing the best digital solutions. If you want to find out more about Skolera’s award-winning and trusted LMS, along with its CMS, SMS, Communication Platform, Reports Engine, and Virtual Classes and how best to implement them for your educational institution, feel free to contact our team of educational technology experts who will be happy to discuss and offer recommendations based on your school’s needs. 

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