School Management System

Skolera SMS – 25 Prominent Features of School ERP Software

We’re back with another discussion about school ERP software and its significance for today’s schools that try to keep pace with technological trends in education. If you’re a school decision-maker, read on to find out the importance of having a School Management System at your academic institution.  Streamline School Operations …

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School Management Excellence – 30 Digital Tools to Empower School Administrators with Skolera

Now that the summer vacation is over and the students are back to school, it’s about time we start searching for methods to engage them in the classroom. Every teacher knows how hard it is to reintegrate students after a long vacation of rest and lack of mental stimulation. That’s …

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Skolera’s Solutions Preparing Teachers for the Digital Age

Digital Teacher

The preparation for the digital age is something that sounds a bit scary for schools. Everyone knows about the huge transformative role of technology in education and the importance of preparing teachers for this journey, but what some people often overlook is the how. As providers of EdTech solutions, we …

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Transform Your Academic Year with Skolera

academic year

School days are approaching! Do you know what this means? Skolera is here to help you navigate all the hassle related to school affairs! It can be daunting for some teachers to enter the new academic year, but we’re here to make things easier for you. This article is dedicated …

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Importance of Communication Between Schools and Parents

importance of communication between schools and parents

In the contemporary educational sphere, the traditional concept of schools operating in isolation is quickly diminishing. We stand at the threshold of a new era that acknowledges the crucial role of parental involvement alongside teachers in a child’s educational journey. Through a vibrant partnership between parents and schools, harmoniously engaged, …

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