Skolera SMS – 25 Prominent Features of School ERP Software

We’re back with another discussion about school ERP software and its significance for today’s schools that try to keep pace with technological trends in education. If you’re a school decision-maker, read on to find out the importance of having a School Management System at your academic institution. 

Streamline School Operations with Powerful ERP Software

For an overall seamless and productive educational experience, many schools nowadays tend to incorporate school ERP software into their system. Administrative efficiency is one reason why schools resort to these systems; when all school affairs are digitized, it’s much easier for employees to carry on with their other daily school duties. 

This reduces the time, effort, and human errors of administrative tasks. Thanks to this administration software for schools, decision-makers like principals and heads of departments can focus more on the strategic planning of large-scale affairs. 

Prominent Features Of School ERP Software

Unlock the Potential of School Management with Skolera’s Solutions

With a remarkable global presence, Skolera (school ERP solution) has established its footprint in over 25 countries as it spans over 100 cities. From its beginnings in the USA, Skolera has successfully expanded its reach to diverse regions, including the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. 

This expansive growth reflects the company’s dedication, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to providing innovative educational solutions worldwide. 

Skolera’s widespread presence across continents stands as a testament to its continuous efforts to transform education and empower students on a global scale.

Skolera has also established an impressive network of global partnerships, encompassing industry leaders such as Microsoft, HP, Intel, Udemy, Pearson, and many other esteemed organizations. 

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Exploring the Advanced Features of ERP Software – Skolera SMS

Now that we’ve showcased Skolera’s background in the realm of educational technology, let’s delve into the specifics! Skolera’s powerful School Management System is designed to make life easier for school administrators with some top-notch academic and administrative tools and features. 

Simplify Administrative Tasks and Empower Educators

Educators can use Skolera’s school ERP software to efficiently register applicant requests and document their information. The system facilitates the management and allocation of students to their respective classes. The batch grouping feature simplifies the organization of students into batches or groups. Moreover, the SMS platform enables the opening of classes for online registration, providing applicants with a convenient option to secure their positions.

Administrators at the school can maintain comprehensive records of both academic and behavioral data for current and former students using the SMS solution.

Through the SMS features, Skolera empowers school administrators to establish a tuition structure and define collection dates. They can effortlessly create student fee groups, establish fee group criteria, or use the system to generate reports on defaulters.

Streamline School Operations with Powerful ERP Software

Optimize Comprehensive School ERP Software with Skolera LMS 

With Skolera, schools can enjoy the features of a Learning Management System within the SMS itself. This integration is great for having a fully comprehensive solution that handles all school affairs without trouble. Take a look at some of Skolera’s Learning management system features that are integrated with the School Management System. 

For teachers:

  • Organization of content into one unified platform 
  • Easy upload of learning materials within a cloud storage 
  • Scheduled tracking of student’s performance
  • Constant generation of student reports
  • Easy creation of quizzes and assignments
  • Platform for group discussion 
  • Reduction of administrative tasks 

For students: 

  • More interesting classes through collaborative learning and gamification
  • Promotion of a self-paced learning culture 
  • Access to classes and  learning materials anywhere and anytime
  • Encouragement of self-learning

For heads of departments:

  • Department management and supervision
  • Accurate and real-time reports 
  • Curriculum design

For parents:

  • Staying connected with school operations like child’s deadlines and important assignments
  • Receiving regular feedback regarding their child’s yearly performance like academic progress, important news, grades, and more

For school admins:

  • School and user management to view usage statistics, user activities, and participation
  • Focus-based navigation of users, dashboard, and activities 
  • Reporting and tracking of activities, reports, and performance 

Learning management system

Help Counter Student Anxiety with Practice

As students navigate through academic challenges, the pressure to perform well can take a toll on their mental well-being. It is not just about the pressure, but it’s also about students’ anxiety before exams and tests. However, with the integration of school management software, there is a potential solution to help alleviate students’ anxieties and promote a more supportive learning environment.

Because SMS solutions create personalized learning paths for students, they allow teachers to create lessons that cater to mixed abilities. This definitely helps manage the stress of trying to catch up with standardized lessons and tests. Students will feel more at ease in their daily classes. 

Another great feature of SMS software that greatly helps struggling students is the inclusion of real-time progress-tracking features. This allows them to have instant access to their improvements and achievements throughout the academic year. 

Engaging students through multimedia content and educational games transforms the learning experience for them as well. By making class content more interactive and enjoyable, school management software helps create a positive and stress-free environment.

One great feature of Skolera’s SMS solution is the ASC timetable which vastly reduces student stress. This makes time management quite simple and productive. Teachers can easily schedule assignments, exams, and study sessions, allowing students to plan their time effectively and reduce the pressure of tight deadlines.

Further Considerations for Online Teaching

With online teaching, School Management Systems are quite helpful for several reasons. Skolera’s unified educational ERP software includes features such as an attendance tracking system, an exam management system, and communication tools which are essential for a productive online teaching experience. 

  • Mobile app compatibility 
  • Integration with video conferencing like Zoom meetings 
  • Progress tracking for both students and teachers 
  • Digital content delivery like documents, images, videos, and interactive media 
  • Grading tools to automate assessment 
  • Specialized dashboard for each user with a solid messaging system 
Administration software for schools


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In this article, we’ve discussed Skolera’s school ERP software, its features, and how it contributes to an overall comprehensive and seamless management of all school affairs. If you want to try out Skolera’s solutions, book a free demo now and one of our experts will proceed to show you Skolera’s best features!

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