5 Things to Consider When Implementing an lms at Your School

Technology such as LMS has opened the doors to greater potential and more possibilities in education. With the advent of the internet, mobile communication, data science, and the Internet of Things, the field of education is experiencing an explosion of new tools and technologies that will make teaching and learning become more enjoyable, effective, and efficient.

One such technology that has found its way into millions of schools around the world is LMS or Learning Management Systems.


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Learning management systems streamline and optimize many functions, tools, and processes of education. From recording lectures, immediately assessing students, analyzing progress and performance, and providing multimedia content to engaging students and parents, send reports in seconds, and providing an effective means of communication, learning management systems have helped schools produce better results and enhance their students’ learning experience.

If you are considering implementing a learning management system in your school or educational institution, there are things to consider when selecting the most suitable system that best suits your needs.

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A Learning management systems are only as good as the courses and course material it is used for. Having a substantial number of courses and engaging course material is essential for a beneficial and rewarding learning experience for your students.

Prepare the list of courses for which you will use an LMS and prepare course materials and guidelines, both digital and hard-copy material, that will be supplemented by the system experience, combine them with the system, then introduce your students and staff to the system for a modern and engaging educational experience.


  • Number of users and possible expansion

Schools, and classrooms grow over time. When planning to incorporate LMS technology into your school and classes, take into account your institution’s expected and potential changes and growth. It is generally advised to consider the changes in student and learner numbers in the next five years when choosing the right system for your organization.


  • Involve employees

Change is never easy in any organization. Implementing a Learning management systems, with which teachers and staff will need to adjust their current workflow to will need cooperation from them as well. That’s why involving your employees and management is essential for successful implementation of the system you choose. Invite them to try demos, announce the plan in bulletins and posters in the school, and receive feedback. Inform them and advise them about the benefits of an LMS for their own efficiency.

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  • Check your infrastructure

A good system requires a good IT infrastructure, with compatible operating systems, sufficient computers, and a reliable network. Involving your IT team is crucial when selecting the right Learning management systems, and in preparing your own network and computer systems for the Learning management systems. Coordinate the implementation of the system with your IT and ensure that everything needed is available or easy to be acquired.


  • Scope of customization

Learning management systems vary in features and customizability. When choosing a Learning management systems, ask the vendor or developer about the available features and how customizable it is to suit your organization’s educational needs.

When searching for the right Learning management systems for your school, ensure that you have sufficient classes, courses, and content. Choose the system that can adapt to your expected learner number changes and provides the features and customizability you need. Prepare your own computer systems for the Learning management systems and involve your staff and your IT team.

Skolera is a Learning management systems loaded with a ton of features. It is a comprehensive system for everything your school needs, from administration to student reports and extracurricular activities. Learn how Skolera can transform your school and your students’ learning experience today.

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