First day of school for teachers – best tips

The first day of school for teachers is less than a month away, and so are all the lesson plans, class preparations, and assignments. After a good time of the stressful life of teaching, the beginning of any school year seems daunting.

Here are some tips that should help you start the new school year with more positivity.

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3 tips for the First day of school for teachers

1) Educational Material:-

first day of school for teachers textbooks

Obviously, the most important items that need to be prepared before the first day of school for teachers begins are the educational material From textbooks to grade books, and everything in between, getting the educational material ready will help accelerate the beginning of the school year.


Ensuring that all the textbooks are ready to be distributed to the students will save you, the students, and the school administration plenty of headaches. If there’s anything both parents and students dislike, it’s starting the school year without the books they’ll be learning from.

Planning Books

If your school provides teachers with books including lesson plan templates and/or guidelines, make sure you have your own copy to prepare your lesson plans as soon as possible.

Classroom Reading Books

This is especially helpful for early elementary classes. Having a shelf or small library of classroom reading books prepared before the first day will save you the headache of searching for the books you need when you need them for reading circles.


Of course, a grade book will be required and prepare yours with the list of students who have registered before school starts will save you time and energy in setting them up during school hours.

2) Classroom Design and Preparation

first day of school for teachers

Nothing is as welcoming to students as a well designed and prepared classroom on the first day of school. Preparing and designing the classroom before students arrive will definitely help in building a positive student experience from day one.

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Bulletin Boards

Set up bulletin boards for each subject that will be taught in the classroom. Add relevant posters, illustrations, and borders for each.

Welcome Back Display

Make the classroom greet your students when they enter it for the first time in the year. Set up a welcoming banner at the top of the door or over the whiteboard for students to see.

Student Name Tags

After deciding how the seating arrangement will be, prepare student name tags for their desks to make it clear where you want each of them to sit when they enter.

Classroom Supplies and Materials

You definitely don’t want to find yourself short of any needed supplies during the first week. Make sure you have enough whiteboard markers, erasers, pencils, pens, paper, and anything else you think you might need during the school year, and especially during the first few weeks.

3) Communications

Set expectations from day one. Introduce yourself to your students and parents. Prepare the necessary emergency forms and provide students and their parents with lists of supplies they will need and school rules they need to follow.

Preparing a file for your correspondence with each parent will go a long way in keeping track and remembering the context of anything related to their children.

Keeping track of forms can also prove to be a headache, so prepare a checklist for each student to make sure whether or not his/her form has been returned.

Follow these tips, and any other useful tips you might stumble upon, and your first week of teaching will definitely experience a boost in productivity and student experience.

How Skolera Can Help

If your school has set up the Skolera Learning Management System, you’ll already see all your students, add educational content, and interact with them possibly before the year begins. You can add your class rules, post announcements, and important information, and set expectations before the students enter the classroom.
Skolera also provides many more features that will help you throughout the school year.
If your school does not have Skolera, inform the administration about all the features and benefits the whole school will enjoy.

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