7 Great educational apps for teachers

Between lesson plans, disruptive students, and creating exams, life can be unbearably stressful for a teacher just if there were educational apps for teachers out there that would make the job easier.

Thankfully there are. Today’s technology has finally provided educational apps for teachers that help with connecting with students and their parents/guardians and make classroom management and lesson planning much easier.

We’ve put together a list of 7 educational apps we believe you’ll find useful as a teacher.

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list of educational apps for teachers

1. TeacherKit

One great iOS app teachers have loved is TeacherKit. The free version of this app provides teachers with student and classroom management tools and allows them to take attendance and behavior notes. It also includes a basic guidebook and statistics. Teachers can import and export data, and back it up as well.

The premium version includes a more advanced gradebook and reporting features.

2. ClassDojo

ClassDojo provides classes with a positive and motivational atmosphere. Teachers can award students with badges for their merits and hard work. Students are given the opportunity to showcase the work they’re proud of. Teachers can also share great class moments with parents.

3. Remind

Is there an important announcement you want to make to the whole class, but it’s the weekend or after school? Remind has just the solution for you. Send that announcement to your students’ smartphones with Remind. Include PDFs and voice clips. Know who has read it and who hasn’t. Whether you want to remind students about important exams, projects, or assignments, Remind will help you out with that.

4. Edmodo

Edmodo has revolutionized education with its solution. Teachers can assign homework, create quizzes, provide feedback, and much more. Teachers create their online class groups by inviting students. Collaboration and communication are greatly enhanced through Edmodo’s online and smartphone apps.

Edmodo also provides a platform for teachers from around the world to share ideas, tips, and knowledge, creating a global world for the teaching community.

5. Educreations

Educreations allows teachers and instructors to create dynamic video lessons that can be accessed by students virtually anywhere, making teaching and learning easier and enjoyable.

6. Socrative

Another classroom management app that is worth including in this list is Socrative. With assessment, classroom management, and analytical tools, in addition to gamified motivation features, Socrative will help keep you in control of the class while keeping your class focused on your teaching.

7. Skolera

Skolera provides teachers with a comprehensive solution for learning management and covers everything from curriculum and lesson planning to school events and extracurricular activity. Teachers can also motivate students with badges and feedback. Learning material can be uploaded and shared with students to further their understanding of the lessons. Skolera’s smartphone apps allow parents to follow up on the latest school news and class announcements.

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