5 Fun Icebreaking back to school activities

A new school year is approaching, and with it come to the new students or the new class as a whole and the best way to start a new school year is to build a strong bond and strong rapport with the students by doing icebreaking back to school activities. So after preparing those lesson plans, designing the classroom, and acquiring the materials and supplies, your next task is to come up with an icebreaking activity that will help build that bond and rapport for a great new year.

We’ve come up with a list of five great icebreaking back to school activities for you to enjoy with your students.

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back to school activities

5 Great Icebreaking back to school activities

The Name Game

This is probably the oldest icebreaking back to school activities out there. Either has the students sit or stand in a circle, or go around the class in a specific order. One student starts by saying his or her name. The next student has to say the previous student’s name, then his or hers. The third student has to repeat the name of the previous students and then his or hers. And so on, until the last student says all his or her classmates’ names, then his heirs. Then you have to repeat all those names, and then say your own. It’s a bit challenging, but fun.


Two Truths and a Lie

Go to the class. Each student mentions two facts about him/herself, and one false piece of information. The rest of the class takes turns guessing the lie. This intriguing activity will get students to know more about their classmates beyond the basics.


Would you Rather

Have students sit in a circle. Each student will ask the classmate to his or her right a ‘would you rather’ question. Once the classmate answers, he or she will then ask the classmate to his or her right, and so on. You can then reverse the order and have students ask classmates on their left.


Twenty Questions

This is best done by two teams. Each team takes a turn selecting an object or item in the classroom, and the other team has to guess that object or item by asking twenty yes or no questions. If the guessing team gets it right, they get a point. If they don’t the other team does.


Birthday Lineup

Simply have the students line themselves up based on the order of their birthdays. If it won’t help them remember each other’s exact birthdays, it’ll at least help them remember the order a bit. (Hopefully.)

back to school activities


What icebreaking back to school activities have you tried with your students and would recommend to other teachers? Share them in the comments below.



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