behavior goals for students

Behavior Goals for Students (Dealing with the Challenges)

Let’s imagine this scenario: it’s the new year, and you decide to change some aspects of your life – start afresh, work out more, eat healthier, sleep better, read more books, etc. Now fast forward to April; did you check everything off your goals list? Well, probably not. So, what’s …

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social learning theory

The Remarkable Story Behind the Social Learning Theory

Think about this for a minute; how did you learn to ride a bike when you were little? Learned to make a sandwich? Or learned to write your own name? The answer to these questions would probably be that you learned these things from someone else – most likely from …

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skolera 2022 recap

Skolera 2022 Recap – Top Highlights of the Year

The end of the year is always a time of reflection for people who like to look back at the year and think of their achievements, milestones and successes. Not to brag, but we can proudly say that we managed to check all the boxes on our New Year’s Resolution! …

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mind maps for studying

Why Mind Maps for Studying Actually Work!

In 2005, a man decided to study the mind and our potential to make the most out of our brainpower. Tony Buzan wrote “The mind map book: how to use radiant thinking to maximize your brain’s untapped potential” to prove that by using mind maps, people can access the most …

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Cognitive theories

Make Your Students Smarter With Cognitive Theories of Learning

Let’s imagine a scenario: You have just finished explaining a lesson, and you find out that every student was able to grasp the concept, except for a few students. You keep explaining the concept more than once, but nothing gets through! Teachers often face this situation, and although it can be …

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