mind maps for studying

Why Mind Maps for Studying Actually Work!

In 2005, a man decided to study the mind and our potential to make the most out of our brainpower. Tony Buzan wrote “The mind map book: how to use radiant thinking to maximize your brain’s untapped potential” to prove that by using mind maps, people can access the most …

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Cognitive theories

Make Your Students Smarter With Cognitive Theories of Learning

Let’s imagine a scenario: You have just finished explaining a lesson, and you find out that every student was able to grasp the concept, except for a few students. You keep explaining the concept more than once, but nothing gets through! Teachers often face this situation, and although it can be …

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14 Reasons Why Teachers LOVE Using The Frayer Model

“It is not what is poured into the student, but what is planted, that counts.” – E.P. Bertin. Teaching vocabulary words and definitions might be troublesome and frustrating for lots of teachers since they think that it is almost impossible for students to understand new terms without memorizing them. What …

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professional development for teachers

Make A Change! All about Professional Development for Teachers

As a head of department or teacher, you might think that after years of classroom experience, you don’t need to participate in further education regarding teacher professional development. However, this is far from the truth! Professional development for teachers was and still is the number one reason why schools succeed …

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student behavior tracking

A Teacher’s Full Guide To Student Behavior Tracking

You’ve created a great system to monitor your students’ positive and negative behavior in the classroom. But every year, you fail to keep track of students who just need more than the simple, traditional monitoring. How can you know for sure when your class system isn’t working for some students? …

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