The Most effective teaching strategies

Any teacher, new or experienced, can tell you how often he/she has attended a workshop and come out of it with a list of effective teaching strategies they are advised to implement in the classroom; as though preparing a lesson plan, implementing strategies you already use, and controlling the class aren’t enough to handle.

Rather than overwhelm you with another list of a dozen or so teaching strategies to implement in your next class, we’ve gathered five of the most effective teaching strategies you might want to consider experimenting with (or you might already be using) in your class.

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5 of the Most effective teaching strategies


  1. Modeling: Modeling involves showing students how to complete a task, such as an assignment or project. Modeling is especially useful when teaching visual learners.
  2. Graphic Organizers: Graphic organizers, such as flow charts, Venn diagrams, and mind maps, simplify and organize the learning material for students. This clarifies confusing concepts and makes them easier to remember and understand.
  3. Feedback: Regular and candid constructive feedback is one of the most important tools by which students can know how-how well they’re doing and know what areas they need to focus on. Feedback does not always have to be written. Regular verbal feedback also plays a major role.effective teaching strategies
  4. Student-Led Classrooms: Sometimes students learn better when they are provided with the opportunity to ‘teach,’ or present the information to their peers. Allowing students to collaborate and present a topic or lesson to the class can go a long way to ensuring their understanding of the material.
  5. Transparent Learning Objectives and Goals: Clearly inform students of what they should have learned by the end of the lesson. Writing the learning objective on the board can help students better understand the material, how it’s structured, and its relation to the learning objective. (One study suggests that clarifying the learning objectives and goals has a much greater effect on students than merely having high expectations.)

Experiment with different teaching strategies and methods until you find the ones that bring out the best in your students.

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Modern technology has opened the door to a wider range of possibilities regarding teaching methods and strategies. The internet has allowed teachers and students to take learning beyond the classroom, and learning management systems (LMS) have made also enhanced those possibilities.

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