6 strategies to improve student achievement

It may be hard to maintain a high level of achievement for all students. However, we should do whatever we can to help students reach their highest potential and improve student achievements.

Here are 6 strategies to improve student achievement

For school administration

1) Maintain a positive, healthy environment for the students

improve student achievement

Students, especially younger ones, can easily be affected by their environment. Therefore, school administrators should be careful about the type of atmosphere they create. Can students easily express themselves? Do they feel intimidated by other students? Are some students getting bullied? Can they easily find help? Is positive behavior encouraged? These are all very important questions that need to be addressed because students tend to neglect their schoolwork when they do not feel well.

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2) Sharing a common vision

When it comes to their abilities and goals, people differ from one another. But, if there is a common vision shared among them, they will unite and work together to achieve this vision. Therefore, having a common vision will encourage students to take advantage of their abilities and use them to study and work harder. This vision may be for the school to have the highest scores in the district or to be involved in community activities or any other goal that the students can gather around.

3) Involve the parents in the educational process

Students’ lives at school are usually completely separated from their lives at home. When students start studying without needing their parents for help, parents gradually become aware of their students’ almost non-existent lives. Parents can not only help their children to study, as students can take advantage of parents’ involvement in their lives in many other ways, such as encouraging them to pursue their activities and provide a suitable environment for study at home.

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For teachers

4) Analyze your data and share it with your students

Low level of achievement is a symptom rather than a disease. Low exam grades may be due to lack of understanding, lack of enough studying, lack of focus, or a problem in a particular lesson. Therefore, teachers must analyze students’ grades, study them, and understand why they are low. This way, solving the problem of low achievement level will be easier. Teachers should also share this analysis with the students so that they can work more effectively to raise their grades up.

5) Teach students how to learn and study

Sometimes, students exert a lot of effort studying but don’t achieve as high as they want. This is usually because of the way they are studying and learning. Students may rely on memorizing instead of understanding or may not spend enough time solving the exercises they need to. Therefore, teachers must show students the best way to study their subject. They should also provide appropriate educational content for all different learning styles.

You can share this video with your students to introduce them to the Feynman Technique, a learning technique that is designed to help with understanding, remembering, and studying concepts more efficiently.

6) Build a relationship with your students

class debate teaching method

Having too much authority when dealing with your students may be intimidating and counterproductive. They will only listen to you because they are scared and will not put genuine effort. Moreover, they will only do what they are told to do and will not learn how to think for themselves. Therefore, you need to build a healthy relationship with your students… one in which they want to listen to you and learn from you instead of being scared to disobey you. This relationship will encourage them to study for your subject. They will also feel comfortable asking you for help.

We always try to provide you with the various teaching methods through which you can improve your school. Check our blog regularly to follow the best practices and the latest technological advancements in education. You can also check out Skolera LMS to learn more about how it can help your educational institution.


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