Skolera LMS Releases a New Mobile Application for Parents

Today’s world is witnessing unprecedented speed in technological advancement and distribution in every aspect of life. The vast majority of people and organizations have become dependent on mobile apps on a daily basis, thanks to the efficiency with which these apps handle various tasks and the time they save, As we created Skolera LMS we have realized this increasing demand for mobile apps.

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So what are the benefits of using mobile apps?


Studies have shown that students grasp much more of the material taught when they use smart devices. This is because anything technology-related attracts them, making comprehension easier.


Most students own smart devices or advanced mobile phones today, with costs of such devices being relatively low in comparison to computers. This is an important feature that is exclusive to smartphones and tablets.


People can learn at the rate or speed that suits them. They usually place a priority on the educational subjects they love, depending on their preferences, level of understanding, and free time.


Learning with mobile phones guarantees a continuous educational process and more knowledge and skills gained, from childhood to a later age, whether in the class and during school or outside and during the vacation.


In addition to the ease of connecting to the internet from anywhere, there are numerous apps and tools that make learning with mobile devices easier and allow users to interact with others and share files with them.


Skolera LMS provides the required and suitable virtual environment for an easy educational experience through the following features:

The teacher can prepare school assignments, evaluate students with online exams, and contact teachers and students through the internet.

Students can send school assignments immediately, solve short exams online, and download sources and beneficial content.

Parents can follow their children’s performance and school news and events.

Heads of departments can prepare curriculum and follow up on the educational process according to the timeline and plan that have been set.


The Skolera LMS team is focused on constant improvement and development. That is why the Skolera mobile app is now available to parents to follow up on all the notifications and information regarding their children anywhere and anytime.

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The app offers important information for parents, including their children’s attendance and homework and exams assigned. It also allows them to receive messages from their child(ren)’s teachers.


Parents can download the app from the app store under the name “Skolera.” They will then be required to enter the following information, which the user can obtain from the school administration or the Skolera LMS team:

  • School code
  • Username
  • Password

skolera lms

By signing in, parents will find the main menu, which shows the children that are under their supervision. They can select the child whose performance they wish to follow up on. The screen will display the child’s name, his/her picture, grade level, number of homework and exams assigned, and the number of activities he/she participates in.


skolera LMS
The main menu

To view more details on the child’s performance, parents can simply click on the child’s photo. The left side of the screen will display the number of badges the child has received, and the right side will display message notifications from the child’s teachers. The bottom of the screen will display the following:


The Time Table


Behavior Notes

skolera LMS



Skolera LMS
Screen displaying details

Parents can then click on each heading to see more information.


skolera LMS
Grades table


skolera LMS

We hope you’ve benefited from this quick glimpse of the Skolera mobile app that briefly explained how parents can follow up on their children’s performance easily and efficiently, and how they can remain in contact with their teachers.


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