14 Current and Future Trends in Education

With technology advancing at an accelerated rate, and with its increased and growing implementation in schools and learning, the future trends in education are already being shaped with new tools and concepts today.


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The following is only a brief list of some of the current and future trends in education.

Current trends in educationFuture Trends in Education

The internet, networks, databases, and cloud storage have all created a more productive environment for schools and enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of the learning process. Here are just a few of the numerous ways these technological advancements have had an effect on education.

  • Posting Grades on to School Online Systems

The internet, learning management systems, and cloud databases and storage have allowed schools and other educational institutions to display grades and assessment to students on personal accounts on the web. Students can now access their grades throughout the academic year and know how well they are performing.

  • Assignments Uploaded on to Classroom Portals

The problems of assignments lost, misplaced, or forgotten at home have been solved. Cloud storage and the web now allow students to upload their assignments immediately once they’re complete.

  • Collaborative Applications and Software for Group Projects

Thanks to collaborative applications and software, students no longer need to be physically in the same location to complete group projects. Tasks can be distributed, deadlines can be set, and everything can be pieced together, thanks to these technological advancements.

  • Cloud Storage Use

Students no longer have to worry about leaving home without their homework or laptops. With today’s cloud storage technology, assignments, research papers, and more can all be uploaded to the cloud. Teachers also provide students with valuable resources via shared cloud storage.

  • Communication Via Social Media Platforms Designed for Education

Students, teachers, and parents can now effectively communicate with each other anytime and anywhere.

Future Trends in Education

  • Open Educational Resources (OER)

The ever-increasing prices of textbooks are proving to be a burden on educational institutions the world over. As a result, various organizations that are keen on ensuring quality education for all have turned to open educational resources as an alternative to provide schools and learners with free and customizable educational material.


  • Flipped Classrooms (Instructions Online and Practice in Class)

A new system of teaching that utilizes technology has also slowly and gradually been gaining recognition. Flipped classrooms involve flipping the roles of the classroom and homework. Rather than listening to the teacher present new information in class and answer homework at home, students watch presentations and videos on the new material at home and then work on activities and assignments in the class with the teacher’s presence, to ensure a complete grasp of the new information and skills. 


  • Blended LearningFuture Trends in Education

No longer will learning rely on traditional forms of teaching alone. Online tools, multimedia, and virtual classrooms and presentations will gain importance and widespread use as teachers employ them to better personalize and enhance the learning experience.


  • Learning Platforms to Organize Digital Content

Learning platforms, management systems, and cloud storage will provide an essential medium through which teachers, students, and school library administrators will provide, organize, and transfer essential content.


  • E-Assessment

Online assessment tools are transforming the possibilities and flexibility of student assessment. No longer is assessment confined to classwork and homework delivered in paper and graded days later. Cloud technology also eliminates the old issues of lost or forgotten homework and gradebooks.


  • Flexible Assignments

Another new wave in teaching is the concept of flexible assignments. A goal, or objective, for the assignment is announced and students are given the liberty of proving their attainment of that objective, whether via presentation, video, or research paper.


  • Diverse Time and Place

The internet, video streaming, and cloud technology have also opened the way for teaching and learning anywhere anytime. Students will no longer be confined to certain times and locations, as they will be able to communicate, see, and work with fellow students and teachers virtually anywhere 24/7.


  • Free Choice

These changes and transformations in education will provide students with more choices when it comes to acquiring knowledge. Students will be able to choose from a richer variety of programs, methods, and devices that will enhance their learning experience and fit their personalities and needs.


  • Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is growing in popularity as the need and importance of acquiring real-life skills for careers is becoming clearer.

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Benefits for Schools

Schools would be very wise to catch up on these future trends early to provide their students with the edge they need to truly stand out and above the competition. Teachers and students alike are already recognizing the gap between the benefits of traditional methods and the modern world’s requirements for success.

Learning Management Systems and the Future Trends in Education

Learning management systems (LMS) make many of these future trends in education possible today. With cloud storage, assignment submission features, and communication tools between students and teachers, LMS already allows schools to implement ‘flipped classroom’ and blended learning methods and provide e-assessment services. They also provide cloud storage solutions for students and teachers to upload, organize, and transfer digital content.


Skolera is a unified solution for schools, providing them with all the benefits and features of a feature-filled learning management system, in addition to a school management system that streamlines all the managerial and administrative functions of a modern school. Skolera already provides schools with the tools needed to implement the future trends in education.

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