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3 Discussion-based teaching methods and strategies and how to carry them out

Has teaching become a routine? You prepare the lesson, explain it to the students, help them solve some problems about it, then repeat. Trying out new teaching methods can energize the students and break the monotony of the classroom. While modern teaching methods can sometimes be unavailable or unaffordable, you …

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Motivate your students - LMS

Active learning and its Effect on Student’s Character Development

Active learning is an educational philosophy that relies on enhancing the role of the learner in the educational process. Active learning involves all educational actions and teaching processes that aim at enabling the learner. In this method of learning, learning itself takes place through work, research, and experimentation. It relies …

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academic accreditation

How can an institution obtain academic accreditation?

What is Academic Accreditation The concept of academic accreditation is driven by the global and local demand for performance and quality standards in the educational process. Academic accreditation has become one of the most important issues in the educational community around the world, as it is essential for the improvement …

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LMS and 14 Benefits of using it at your school

Learning management systems (LMS) have become one of the most essential components of educational technology. These systems streamline and combine many functions schools need to operate effectively, including student registration, course scheduling, assignments, exams, and student performance. Administrative functions of LMS help school administrators create courses, assign them, and register …

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